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Strontium tartrate is a chemical compound with the formula SrC4H4O6.In the blow there some common uses of strontium tartrate:


  • It is present in the form of white crystals.


  • 1.960


  • It is less poisonous


  • Less soluble in water


It is used in many fireworks products as a raw materials.

  1. Pyrotechnics: Strontium tartrate is sometimes used in pyrotechnics, particularly in red-colored fireworks and flares. When strontium tartrate is burned, it produces a red flame due to the presence of strontium ions.
  2. Analytical Chemistry: Strontium tartrate can be used as a reference standard in analytical chemistry, particularly in the determination of strontium content in various samples.
  3. Research and Development: It may find applications in research and development, especially in studies related to the properties of strontium compounds or in the synthesis of novel materials.
  4. Crystal Growth: Strontium tartrate crystals have been studied for their potential in crystal growth experiments and research.
  5. Education: It can be used in educational settings to demonstrate the flame coloration effect of strontium ions, which emit a red flame when heated.
  6. Pharmaceuticals: In the past, strontium salts, including strontium tartrate, were investigated for their potential medicinal uses. However, it’s important to note that modern pharmaceuticals typically use other strontium compounds like strontium ranelate for specific medical applications.
  7. Art and Photography: Strontium compounds, including it , have been used in art and photography, although these uses are not as common today due to the availability of more advanced materials.
  8. Electroplating: In some specialized electroplating processes  it  may be used as an additive to enhance the properties of the plated materials.
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