Titanium Dioxide

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  • Its other names are titanic an hydride, titanic acid an hydride, titanic oxide, titanium white and titania.
  • It is a white shining powder that is present in rutile grades.
  • It has the maximum hiding powder in all white pigments


  • It is obtained from titanium.


  • USP, Pure and single crystals

Titanium dioxide uses

  • It is used as a white pigment in paint making
  • Also used in paper making, rubber making, plastic making, glass making, printing inks and welding rods.
  • It is also present in following cosmetic products:
  • Talcum powder
  • Make up sticks,
  • Shampoo
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye mascara
  • Compact powder
  • Eye liner
  • And beauty powders
  • This chemical compound is used in many rubber making formulas such as sleepers sole compound, micro cellular shoes, foot wear, house hold goods and molding compounds  and others
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