Short Oil Alkyd Resin Formulation

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Alkyd resin is that the molecular structure is with many fatty acids or linear polyesters of polycondensation of oil modification. is on In the technique, in the 20th century before the sixties, alkyd resin production is sufficient using the fusion method, after the sixties, the solvent method is widely used in China’s coating industry, and the eighties Finally, the alkyd reality begins the current commercialization, the maximum of the scale of production.
With a kind of short production cycle, viscosity is high, and clean priming can improve paint polish, salt water resistance, thermo stability, impact resistance and paint film short oil alcohol acid resin donning rate and Method of Preparation The method of preparation of most carrying clear priming paints is to apply this short oil ethyl alcohol acid resin.

There are four types of Alkyd resin which of them are,

  1. short oil alkyd resin
  2. medium oil alkyd resin
  3. long oil alkyd resin
  4. very long oil alkyd resin

it is depend on you which formulations is suit to start up the resin industry.