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Corrugated printing ink is a type of ink specifically formulated for printing on corrugated materials, such as corrugated cardboard or corrugated paperboard. Corrugated materials are widely used in the packaging industry for creating boxes, cartons, and other containers.

The key characteristics of Cheap corrugated Printing Ink Formula

  1. Adhesion: Corrugated inks are designed to adhere well to the rough and porous surface of corrugated materials, ensuring that the ink adheres properly without smudging or rubbing off during handling or transportation.
  2. Fast Drying: These inks typically dry quickly to allow for efficient and continuous printing processes. Fast drying is important to prevent smudging and to facilitate immediate further processing of the printed materials.
  3. Opacity: Corrugated inks are formulated to provide good opacity, ensuring that the printed image or text stands out vividly on the corrugated surface.
  4. Flexibility: The ink must be flexible to accommodate the bending and folding of the corrugated material without cracking or flaking.
  5. Resistance to Abrasion and Scuffing: Corrugated materials may undergo rough handling, and the ink should be resistant to abrasion and scuffing to maintain the print quality and legibility.
  6. Environmental Considerations: Many corrugated printing inks are now formulated to be environmentally friendly, with reduced levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to minimize environmental impact.

Corrugated packaging plays a significant role in the shipping and transportation of various products, and printing on these materials allows for branding, product information.