Corrugated Packaging Ink Formula

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Corrugated packaging ink formula is a specialized type of ink used in the printing of corrugated cardboard and other corrugated packaging materials. Corrugated cardboard is commonly used for shipping boxes, retail packaging, and other packaging applications due to its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Key characteristics and considerations of corrugated packaging ink include:

  1. Water-Based Formulation: Water-based inks are widely used in corrugated packaging printing due to their ability to adhere well to the porous and absorbent surface of corrugated cardboard. They are also preferred for their lower environmental impact and reduced VOC emissions compared to solvent-based inks.
  2. Fast Drying: Corrugated packaging ink is designed to dry quickly on corrugated surfaces to allow for efficient production and packaging processes.
  3. Good Opacity: The ink should have good opacity to cover the brown color of the corrugated cardboard and provide a solid and consistent color appearance.
  4. Good Adhesion and Rub Resistance: Corrugated packaging ink must adhere well to the rough surface of the corrugated cardboard and resist rubbing, smudging, or transferring during handling and transportation.
  5. Color Fastness: The ink should maintain its color vibrancy and appearance throughout the product’s shelf life and during transportation and storage.
  6. Compatibility with Printing Equipment: Corrugated packaging ink should be compatible with the specific printing equipment used in the corrugated packaging industry, such as flexographic and lithographic printing presses.
  7. Food Safety and Compliance: For packaging intended for food products, the ink should comply with relevant food safety regulations to ensure it is safe for direct or indirect contact with food.
  8. Resistance to Moisture and Environmental Conditions: Corrugated packaging often encounters various environmental conditions during shipping and storage. The ink should be resistant to moisture, humidity, and other environmental factors to maintain print quality and appearance.
  9. Variety of Colors: Corrugated packaging ink comes in a wide range of colors to meet the branding and design requirements of different products and businesses.

The choice of corrugated packaging ink depends on various factors, including the printing process used, the desired print quality, the type of corrugated cardboard, and the specific requirements of the packaging project. Working with experienced printing professionals and ink suppliers can help ensure that the right ink is selected for the job, resulting in attractive and durable corrugated packaging solutions.

Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect heavy or fragile contents from damage. Everyone Knows how important of corrugated inks making which cover almost 70 % of packaging industry and with the passage of time its demand rise in the ink market globally.