Thermoplastic Adhesive Formulation

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Thermoplastic adhesive formulation such as hot melts containing traditional ingredients such as acid or acid-derived grafted polyolefins are substantially improved by the incorporation of acrylic acid grafted polypropylene, polyethylene and/or ethylene-propylene polymer materials. . Alternatively, novel adhesive compositions are developed in which the polyolefin component is a fully grafted polyolefin.
Hot melt adhesives are particularly useful because they have very fast setup or bonding times. Strong bonds form when the adhesive cools below its melting point and crystallizes. Solvents or water vapors or chemical cures do not require long waiting times as with other types of adhesives. Depending on the composition, hot melt adhesives can be produced with good tack, high bond strength, good flexibility, low temperature properties, and good environmental resistance.

So let us try to make this product by our formulations  and start your Thermoplastic adhesive brand. Here is a complete thermoplastic adhesive formulation pdf