Polyester Adhesives Formulations

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Polyester adhesives is used in hot melt adhesives which shows a good adhesion, low melt adhesion and good adhesive stability when combined with certain monomeric ester plasticizers.
A number of polyester polymers are found useful as hot melt adhesives for structurally joining metals, woods, plastics and other materials. While the molecular weight of these polyester polymers is high enough to provide satisfactory cohesion and adhesive bond strength, their melt viscosities are high enough to be used in conventional application equipment, such as gear pumps or pistons. Pumps, which are widely used in the packaging industry, cannot be implemented by , low viscosity, polyolefin based adhesive. Decreasing the molecular weight of polyesters to a lower level drastically reduces the strength of the adhesive bond.
The manufacturing process of packaging adhesives based on ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, paraffin wax or other wax additives are used to reduce the melt viscosity of the adhesive mixture. However, none of these conventional viscosity-reducing waxes can be used to provide the desired melt viscosity with polyester polymers because they are not highly compatible with polyesters and have low viscosities in two-phase systems. Separate from the mixture as liquids form to overcome this problem order our formula services which will meet all the requirements of the industry.