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CHARACTERISTICS : Shellac other names are: Lakh,

Gum lakh and stick lakh


It is a natural resin that is obtained from the secretion of the female “lac bug” (Kerria lacca) on trees. It is found extensively in Pakistan and India. The Indian lakh  is considered to be the purest. It is cleaned and washed after being collected from the trees and bushes, and then heated and filtered. After getting cleaned and filtered its color changes to that of an orange.


  • It is soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water


  • Orange, T- N, fine, super fine, separator
  • Bleached and de waxed (color less )grades


  • It catches fire when dissolved in alcohol so it is important to keep it away from fire.


  • It is used in Sealer coat under coat varnish, finish coat for furniture, paint and varnish, electric coating, polish making and adhesives.
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