sodium sulfide

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Characteristics: sodium sulfide  is present in yellow and pale yellow color cubes and flax form .It is also available in opaque crystals form.

Density: 1.856

Relative Density: 1.427

Melting point: 118 C

Boiling point: At 920 C it lose its stability.


It is readily soluble in water.

Lees soluble in alcohol whereas not soluble in ether.

Source: It is prepared by the reaction of sodium acid sulfate with salt and coke at 950 C on heating.

Grades :It is available  in flax grade, fused , chip sulfide , crystals and powder form in the market.


Flammable and explosive .Lethal for skin and tissues.


It is used in the various electroplating formulations.

Use in non-fuse metal,

Zinc die casting making

In the leather processing and paper plump preparation .

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