Ammonium xylene sulfonate

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Other names : Ammonium xylene sulfonate also called as Benzene sulfonic acid, Dimethyl  ,

ammonium salt ,xylene sulfonate

Trade Names

Eltisol  AX 40

Hydrotropes  AXS 40

Nexonate 4AX

Steponate A-M

Deconate NXS


In detergent for washing powders



Coupling agent

Cloude point dispersant

Viscosity modifier

Anitlocking agent

Anticacking agent

Processing add

Extraction agent

uses of ammonium xylene sulfonate

In various cosmaetics products manufacturing this chemical is used.

In the household detergent powder formula witconate XS

To clear the liquid detergent as hydrotropes.

In the making of dishwashing compound 4 AX

In the preparation of heavy duty cleaner

Lite duty cleaners formation

Liquid detergent now using in the automatic machines.

Industrial Uses

In the adhesive compounds Nexonate AX 4

Aersols Witconate NXS

Dyes and pigment preparation

In Electroplating industry

Industrial Processing Witconate NXS

In the manufacturing of lubricants and cutting oil formation Nexonate 4AX

Paper making

In the printing inks preparation

Textile Leather processing Nexonate and witconate are using .


It is available  in Liquid with clear form .


colorless steponate Am

Pale yellow Eltisol AX40


40% ACTIVE Hydrotropes AXS40

40 % active Nexonate 4 AX

41 % active In water



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