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Other Names:

Ceresin Wax other names are  Refined ozokarite wax ,Earth wax ,Mineral wax ,Sea Rosin ,Ceren Wax

Properties: Exist in white and yellowish color.

Found in cubic form and solid form like paraffin wax.

white wax is odorless while yellow wax has a slight smell.

Solubility: soluble in Alcohol ,Benzene, Chloroform and Naphtha but insoluble in water

Precaution: orally non toxic

readily flammable.

Density:     0.92 to 0.94

Melting point:    68 to 72 OC

Preparation:  It is prepared by the purification of ozokarie by sulfuric acid.

Grades: white and yellow wax grade.

Ceresin Wax uses

Candle making formulation, Sizing formula ,Hydrofluoric acid bottle

for Electrical insulation, Shoe polish and Leather polish formula, In the Lubricating compounds,

In the wood as filling agent, in the floor polish, in the anti fouling paint ,waxed paper formation,

Ointment as base .waterproofing fabrics,

Mostly Ceresin Wax uses in the cosmetics industry with following product formulations,

Cold cream ,Baby creams ,Moisturizing cream and lotion making,

Eye mascara, Day and night cream ,Conditioning cream, Breast developing cream formulation

Suntan cream and lotion formation Lipstick and lip gloss products manufacturing.



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