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Other Names:

  Sodium carbonate other names are Soda ash ,soda carb ,Washing soda , n hydrous .

Properties: white and light off white color of this compound,

Exist in powder form and cubic form as well. It Lies in 99% pure form

Solubility :Easily soluble in water insoluble in Alcohol

Effects: nonflammable and nontoxic.

Preparation: It is prepared by table salt  through solvay process.

Other ingredients:

 sodium chloride ,Sodium sulfate,Calcium carbonate,sodium bicarbonate

and magnesium carbonate.

Grades: Light and Dance 58%

Light 58% ,Natural and purified refined.

Sodium Carbonate uses:

 Widely use in soap making and detergent industry,

Dish washing and liquids, Sodium compounds manufacturing,

Cosmetics industry, Textile industry, glass and sodium silicate making,

Paper and pulp formula ,It is used  in Water treatment ,  in the Aluminum production

Petroleum refining process.

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