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Other Names:

Chromic Acid also called as  chromium trioxide, chromic n hydrous

Properties: Dark purple crystals

Solubility: Soluble in water ,Alcohol and mineral acids.

Density: 2.67 to 2.82

Melting point:  196OC

Preparation: it is formed by the mixing of sulfuric acid and sodium dichromate.

Grades: Technical and C-P grades available in market

Precautions:  highly poisonous ,causes irritation on skin ,it is explosive with the reaction of reducing agent.

Chromic Acid Uses

 In the Electroplating industry ,Chromium plating formula bath,

Chemical preparation of many compounds ,Leather Tanning ,In the medicine , It uses in Ceramics glazers product manufacturing ,

Process Engraver ink, Anodizing, Metal cleaning ,Ink Industry formulations ,plastics and Textile industry.

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