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Oleic Acid also called as  Red oil

It is a popular monounsaturated fatty acid mostly consisting of fatty contents.

Source: It is mostly from animal fats and also collected through oils.

Properties: Commercial grade exists in  yellowish and reddish oily liquid having the odor like fat which is unpleasant.

Stability :In the open air turn dark.

Solubility: oleic acid is readily soluble in Alcohol ,Ether, organic solvents and also soluble in fixed oil.

Insoluble in water.

Pure grade :  water lie compound

Density 0.895 at 20OC

Freezing point: 4OC

Flash point:  189 at  4OC

Boiling point : 225 at 4OC

Refractive index: 1.4599 at 20OC

Acid value:196-204

Saponification Number:196-204

Iodine value: 85-103

Effects :flammable but non toxic

Grades: Technical ,USP,FCC and pure grades are available in the market.

Oleic Acid Uses

It is used  in the paint and varnish industry

also used in the ink making formulations

Blue black inks typewriter ink.

Ball point inks manufacturing

Mostly oleic acid uses In cosmetic lotion, and cream formulations.

Use in the engine degreaser products.

widely used in Soap industry and detergent industries.

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