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Other Names:

Propylene Glycol other names are  1,2 Di hydroxy propane 1.2 propanediol methylene glycol, methyl glycol

Properties: colorless ,transparent viscous liquid

Taste and odor: Viscous like glycerin  but tasteless and odorless compound

Solubility: Soluble in water Alcohol and Other solvents.

Density: 1.0381 at 20OC

Boiling point:  187.3OC

Flash point: 60OC

Viscosity : 0.58 Cp

Effects: Flammable but non toxic

Preparation : It is prepared by dehydration of propylene oxide

Grades: Refined,Technical,B-P, U-S-P and Feed

Propylene Glycol Uses

it is used in the preparation of Organic compounds ,poly propylene glycol ,in the poly ester resin making

As  Anti freezing compounds ,Oil phase solubility into water phase and act as a solvent,

as flavoring agent in the perfumery and flavor manufacturing,

soft drinks ,Antioxidant ,Hygroscopic agent ,plasticizer ,Hydraulic fluid ,insecticide compound making

Textile conditioner, in the food products as solvent, As wetting agent ,as emulsifying agent,

in the feed manufacturing ,as anti caking agent ,in the cleansing cream ,

Propylene Glycol uses are in Suntan lotion making, vanishing cream making formula ,cold cream ,hand and body lotion ,baby lotion and cream making Products  , face makeup ,night creams and eye Mascara making products.

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